T-Shirt Gallery

At Dan’s art openings and other select events, Dan sits down with t-shirt enthusiasts individually, engages them in a short discussion, and then makes them a custom shirt based on the conversation. That person is then photographed modeling their new shirt by photographer Michael Kennedy. The two eventually plan to release the project as a book.

  Commissioned Shirts (photos by various)

Creativity Magazine’s ‘Hearts & Minds’ (Photos by Julio)


Nonfiction Unlimited Party (Photos by Julio)


KCRW Listener Event (Photos by Michael Kennedy)

  M.S. 821 Shirt Making Event (photos by Julio)
  Queens College Guest Lecture (Photos by Julio)

M.S. 88 Shirt Making Event (photos by Michael Kennedy)


Ghetto Gourmet #2 (photos by Julio)


Burning Man 2007 (photos by Julio)


Beam Camp (photos by various)


Ghetto Gourmet #1 (photos by Julio)

  Matthew Barney Party at SFMOMA (photos by Michael Kennedy)
  Burning Man 2006 (photos by Julio)
  Lake Shasta Weekend 2006 (photos by Julio)
  Snerko Across America 2006 (photos by Julio)
  Joshua Tree Music Festival 2006 (photos by Julio)
  Raoul’s Birthday Party (photos by Julio)
  Xingolati (photos by Seth Taras)
  Raoul's Fundraiser (photos by Julio)
  Burning Man 2005 (photos by Julio)
  Zoic Studios Los Angeles Show (photos by Michael Kennedy)
  Tonefarmer New York City Show (photos by Emily Wilson)
  San Francisco Art Institute Guest Lecture (photos by Julio)
  Pigman Gallery Political Show (photos by Michael Kennedy)
  Burning Man 2004 (photos by Michael Kennedy)
  Goodby, Silverstein and Partners Gallery Show (photos by Michael Kennedy)