Dan Rollman was born in London, Canada, on July 3, 1973. He began writing on his t-shirts at an early age after a failed motorcycle track investment by his parents left them no option but to dress their sons in inexpensive, plain white t-shirts. Early phrases he wrote on his shirts included “I LOVE PRINCESS LEIA” and the now widely-recognized “SPELLING BEE CHAMPYON.”
This Rollman family photo is the earliest known evidence of Dan’s work.    
Dan’s shirt-writings continued as a hobby until 1986, when he was hired by the band Fetchin Bones to make a shirt for their “Bad Pumpkin” album cover. His now-legendary “Get Your Hands Off My Car, Bitch” shirt sparked furor amongst conservatives across North America, leading to Tipper Gore’s infamous “Get your album off the shelves, jerk” rebuttal.
This album is so rare it can’t even be found on eBay.
Dan’s career blossomed in 1993 when photographer Larry Clark (director of Kids) found the Fetchin Bones album in a used record store. Needing a concept for an upcoming photo shoot with actress Catherine Bach (Dukes Of Hazzard), Clark tracked Dan down and commissioned him to design her a shirt.
  Legend has it Catherine Bach whispered this phrase in Dan’s ear. They dated for almost two years before Bach eloped with ex-footballer Brian Bosworth.
Soon after the photo went public (and people learned of Dan’s steamy new relationship with Bach), opportunities for him broke open. By staying extremely selective with the projects he took on, however, Dan built a much-ballyhooed career that still thrives today.